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Today we completed our first "300" workout of the offseason... and it was BRUTAL!  I think everyone got a taste of what it is going to take to prepare for a great season next year.  The goal of the workouts is obviously to look like the guy to the left (Randy Couture), but it is not an easy task.  We actually do an ab exercise called "Coutures" that Randy came up with.  Anyways, we are pretty nervous to go to sleep tonight because we are afraid we won't be able to move when we wake up.  But, we must go on and work hard again tomorrow.  

I'll leave you with this breaking News:  Jermaine "Dolla" Beal is set to compete in the college All Star 3 Point Shootout on Thursday night in Indy.  More details to come.

3/30/2010 07:29:22 am

Get it Duff. I want to see what these Cotures are all about. I'd love to name some awesome exercise after myself too.


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