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This is my first post, the first day of the making of the greatest 3-on-3 tournament ever created, and the first day of the insider look at the Vanderbilt basketball team..  Right now, the school year is coming to a close and our spring workouts are coming to a close as well.  Everybody is making strides, and we are ready to do big things next year.  Today in pick up play upstairs in the practice gym, Jeff Taylor hit me in the eye with his elbow and I went down hard... it's ok, I am going to make a full recovery.. ha.. this is not to take away from the great offseason play of freshman like Festus, Jeff, Steve and Brad.  Festus has looked like Dwight Howard this offseason... unbelievable.. Also, Lance is now back playing after his groin injury, so everybody is excited about that.  We are on our way to a grreat year next season!  Signing off.. stay classy

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