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Mark Davis (shown above) is our fearless leader in the weightroom and he is the mastermind behind the "300" workout.  We talk about it all season, and when asked how to prepare for "300", Coach Davis quickly responds, "you can't."  The "300" workout is a short workout (usually about 45min- 1 hr.) that makes you push yourself to the maximum on every set.  The actors of the movie "300" trained for 8-10 weeks using this method, and Coach Davis has tweaked it to cater to basketball players.  It is painful yet fun, and we compete every day to get the best time.  It all starts tomorrow!  Read more here: 300

Hey Everyone.  We are back in Nashville now and  ready to get back to work as we start Spring weightlifting and conditioning tomorrow.  We are hungry for a great season in 2010-2011, and it starts tomorrow. I wanted to share a picture of Steve Tchiengang and our cheerleading squad. Looks like he must be doing something right.
8/6/2010 11:57:32 am

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