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If we have learned anything from the tournament this year, it's that anybody can win it if they work hard enough and play well down the stretch.  Butler proved it to everyone, even though they lost the final.  

So we are back to work this week, playing pick up ball with the legends Matt Frieje and Shan Foster joining in.  We also started individual workouts, which are a lot of conditioning and shooting.  We are ready to work relentlessly for a very succesful season next year.  We can learn something from that excitement!  More Pictures to come later today.

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Tom Duffy
4/6/2010 02:00:23 am

Tom Duffy
4/6/2010 02:04:01 am

This is a great idea to help others and give back to those who have less. I'm very proud of all of you.

Jim Bob
4/7/2010 04:17:22 am

Awesome picture


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